NSB's 2022 Annual Lecture-Demonstration
51st Season

NSB’s 2022 Annual Year-End Lecture Demonstration is structured to educate our students and audience on the training of a dancer from pre-ballet to pre-professional levels. Students show the importance of learning technique and terminology while combining musicality and artistry as they demonstrate basic ballet combinations at the barre that help them to execute their choreography given by the NSB faculty center stage.


We welcome you to watch the growth of our young artists and support the next generation of dancers at NSB’s 2022 Annual Lecture-Demonstration! 

* Date and venue TBA

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Date: TBA

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Venue: TBA



NSB's 2022 Showcase


NSB’s 2022 Showcase is an opportunity for our ballet students to perform other dance genres that are learned during their training at NSB. Modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and ballroom will be presented during the evening of dance. We believe that experience, exposure, and training in a variety of dance styles are important for creating the next generation of versatile dancers.


Join us for a fun and entertaining end-of-the-year showcase, as we celebrate 51 years of dance at Northeast School of Ballet.

* Date and venue TBA