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Academic Support

The conservatory students are urged to take their academic studies seriously either at a traditional school that allows half day attendance, accredited virtual-on-line schooling or homeschooling program in order to have the flexibility in their schedule to allow for extensive pre-professional dance training.


Parents or Guardians, depending what best fits their child’s academic abilities, have complete control to decide either a public or private school education. The Conservatory students will enroll through a schooling program of their choice and will participate in that program during the 36-week school year (September-June). If the parent or guardian so chooses, the student will be encouraged and supported by an academic mentor daily from 8:30-11:30 who will assist their child with their self-paced classes and help keep them on track.

Students who participate in the morning academic period will come to the studio dressed for school and will log into their online school program each day with their own laptop computer in a quiet setting. The mentor will be employed by NSB’s Conservatory Program. Each student will have their own individualized educational plan that allows for them to progress at the speed that they need. In most virtual programs (both public and private), high school age students have the ability to participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in order to challenge them to their full potential. Overall, these online virtual education programs allow for the students to work at the pace they need while still being challenged to their highest ability.


*If a student participates in a traditional brick and mortar school or homeschooling program that is not virtually base, they should arrive promptly at noon for their dance instruction. All participants must be flexible if there should be an opportunity during the year to rehearse, perform, work with guest instructors during the morning hours or travel.


Parents' role: Parents are solely responsible for their child’s academic success. Parents will check their student’s progress daily and check any messages from the student’s online instructors to ensure maximum communication. The student's virtual on-line schooling program will let them know how the student is doing in each class.

academic mentor helping two students during their study period
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