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Policy & Procedures

Including Protocols During a Global Pandemic

PlacementStudents will be placed in classes that are appropriate for their level of physical and mental development. If at any time the director feels that the placement is incorrect, the student will be changed to the appropriate level. Conferences should be scheduled by appointment. 

Attendance: Students are required to take ALL classes offered at their level so that they may continue to advance technically. If they cannot participate due to illness or injury, we advise them to watch if possible. Students should try their best to be on time for class. Classes are not transferable and there are no refunds for classes missed for any reason. In the case of absence, please contact us or call 781-944-9100 and leave a reason for absence before class time. Makeup classes must be scheduled in the same semester as missed and if social distancing allows. If NSB is forced to follow a “Stay-at-Home” order, students are required to take their virtual classes at the same time as scheduled. Login info will be sent for Zoom classes and attendance will be taken.


Notices & Cancellations: Important school notices will be sent electronically through email. Hard copies may be distributed. Notices and schedules, including changes, will also be posted on the NSB school bulletin board. In the event that we have a snow day, NSB will follow Reading Public Schools. Dancers can enjoy the day off drinking hot chocolate or outside building a snowman! Students may makeup their class during the semester. Please email to schedule your class. The cancellation message will be posted to NSB’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. If there is a Stay-at-Home order due to COVID-19, NSB classes will automatically be scheduled on Zoom and login info will be emailed to you.


Vacations & Holidays: NSB does observe Monday holidays. Hours missed may be made up during the term if wished. Regular school vacations will be observed. Please look at our Holiday & Vacation page for dates. If your child’s class falls on a religious holiday, (except for Dec/Feb/April breaks), you are entitled to make up the class hours anytime within the semester. 

Drop off and pick up procedures: Because of limited parking and COVID19, NSB strongly urges parents to drop off and pick up their children. Only registered students will be allowed in the building during school hours. Students should be dropped off on Sanborn Street and walk to the side entrance of the building next to the driveway. Do not drop your child off on Lowell Street and have them cross. After class, students will wait in the lobby area (observing social distancing protocols) for their parent or guardian to pick them up on Sanborn Street. Students will not be permitted to wait outside of the studio or cross Lowell Street. We strongly urge parents/guardians to be punctual when dropping off and picking up their child(ren). If your child class is scheduled at the ANNEX, you will enter at the Creative Arts entrance on Sanborn Street. The studio space in the ANNEX is in the First Congregational Church adjacent to NSB Studios.There is NO parking on the right side of Sanborn Street or in the circular driveway; those spaces are reserved. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday please park in the municipal lot next to the building between NSB and town hall.

Tuition & Costume Fee: Enrollment in the school consists of two 18 week sessions. Tuition is payable upon registration. First session tuition is due no later than August 11, 2023. Second session tuition is due no later than January 20, 2024. Students with outstanding accounts will not be admitted to class. Tuition is neither transferable nor refundable. If the pandemic forces NSB to provide classes virtually through Zoom, tuition will remain the same. Tuition includes registration fees. For students studying jazz, tap, modern, and ballroom, there will be costumes fees for the 2023-2024 season. There are no performance fees for the Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase. Dates for both will be announced. In the event all performances are canceled, NSB will welcome parents to observe classes either in-house or on Zoom at the end of the semester to see their child's progress. 


Parent Observation:  Mid-Year Peek week is scheduled for the week of Jan, 22-26, 2024. Only parents are invited to observe. Peek-week will be held on zoom.

Registration Policy:

At Northeast School of Ballet all students are required to study at least one ballet technique class in their level to participate in our programs. Students are encouraged to study as many ballet classes and different genres of dance offered in their level. Only students that participate in the required ballet technique class will participate in NSB’s Annual Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase (for students that study jazz, modern, contemporary, tap and ballroom) scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. Students that choose not to participate in the required ballet class for their level will not be permitted to perform, but parents will be able to observe their classes during NSB’s Virtual Peek Weeks. 

The ballet classes that are required for students to participate in NSB’s performance weekend are listed below.

Pre-Ballet I & II: Saturday Ballet Class

Beginner I & II: Tuesday Ballet Class

Intermediate I & II: Monday Ballet Class

Intermediate/Advanced I & II: Monday Ballet Class

2023-2024 Performance Policy for the Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase: Our 2024 Ballet Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase (featuring performances in contemporary, modern, ballroom, tap, jazz, and hip hop) are scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-26, 2024). Below we have listed the required ballet classes students are to register for to participate in both shows. This class is required as it is the class that dancers will learn choreography in for the 2023-2024 season. If you have a conflict with the assigned day and time during the Fall/Winter Semester, we suggest that you register for a ballet class that works with your schedule for the first 18 weeks and then to please consider registering your child for the required class during the Winter/Spring Semester (starting in February, when choreography begins). Performance opportunities are an integral part of their training and a rewarding experience for the individual student and class together. All students must perform in NSB’s 2024 Ballet Lecture-Demonstration to participate in the Showcase. If you choose not to have your child participate in the Memorial Day performances, you do not have to register for the required class. For families that cannot commit to the required class and or the performances, you will have a chance to watch your child virtually in class during our end of the semester Peek Weeks. 


We would also like to remind our students registered in creative movement that their end-of-year showcase will be held in-studio during their last week of classes.


Required Ballet Class for End of Year Performance:


Pre-Ballet I & II: Saturday Ballet Class

Beginner I & II: Tuesday Ballet Class

Intermediate I & II: Monday Ballet Class

Intermediate/Advanced I & II: Monday Ballet Class

2024 Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase Dates: May 25-26, Memorial Day Weekend. In the event that these events are canceled due to COVID19, parents will be invited to view their child’s last week of classes through Zoom.

Please read, NSB is taking the necessary steps to provide a safe environment for all at our studios. 

  1. We ask you, if you have any symptoms of ANY KIND of illness, please remain home or test before coming to the studio.

  2. You should not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before class. You will need to be picked up punctually after your class. Our lobby cannot accommodate too many students waiting for their ride.

  3. We ask parents to drop off their children to avoid much traffic in the studio. Parents will NOT be allowed in the building unless prior notice is made with the office.

  4. Please come dressed to dance and only change shoes, to avoid using bathrooms and dressing rooms as much as possible.  We will use bathrooms and dressing rooms for personal hygiene and not for changing.

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