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The Conservatory at NSB

Tuition Chart 2022-2023

ALL STUDENTS RECEIVE A MERIT SCHOLARSHIP for help with their academic studies during the 36-week school year. The $6,820 scholarship covers the cost of NSB’s academic expenses and participation fees for performances listed in the 2023-2023 Season.


To help as many dancers/families as possible, additional financial aid is available to qualified students. Most scholarships and work study schedules are partial. Full scholarships require strong evidence of financial need.


How to Apply for Additional Financial Aid


All applicants must submit the following materials to qualify for financial need annually. If the applicant is a dependent, financial information must be for their parent/guardian.

1. Proof of Annual Income

A) U.S. residents: Copy of first page of most recent IRS 1040/1040A form.

B) If exempt from filing, or a non-U.S. resident: copy of earning statements for July, October, and December 2021.

2. Written Statement of why you need the financial support.

3. Any attached documentation that supports your written statement such as: childcare invoices, debt counseling statements, financial aid records, food stamp registration, rental agreements, scholarship awards, etc.


*All personal documents remain confidential.

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