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Conservatory Policy & Procedures


Students will be placed in classes appropriate for their level of physical and mental development. If at any time the director feels that the placement is incorrect, the student will be changed to the appropriate class level.


Students are required to take ALL classes offered so that they may continue to advance technically. If a student is seeking medical attention, a note must be given to NSB from either a doctor or therapist to return to class. If they cannot participate due to illness or injury, we advise them to watch if possible. Classes are not transferable and there are no refunds for classes missed for any reason. In the case of absence, please email or call the school and leave a message with your reason for absence prior to class time. Makeup classes, due to illness, snow days, holidays during the week (not on vacation time) must be scheduled in the same level or lower level in the same term in which they were missed.

Auditions and Casting:

NSB’s Conservatory Season provides an exciting opportunity for students to perform in a professional atmosphere as a trainee. Students will work along-side professional dancers, award-wining choreographers, composers, and musicians during the season. For many, it is an experience they will treasure for a lifetime. For others, it is so captivating that performing becomes an integral part of their childhood years. Participation requires a substantial time commitment from both parents and dancers. Being cast a part of the production provides a critical real-world environment of performing which is a key element in any dancer’s experience, knowledge, and pre-professional training. Casting is at the discretion of the artistic director and choreographer. Casting is based on providing a challenge for every dancer while offering a role that commensurates with their individual skill level. NSB Conservatory students will perform in the scheduled 2023- 2024 Season. Students may be invited through NSB to perform outside of the Conservatory Season such as guest appearances, cultural exchange programs, and lecture-demonstrations both in the US and abroad.

Notices & Cancellations: 

Important school notices will be sent electronically through email. Hard copies may be distributed. Notices and schedules, including changes, will also be posted on the NSB school bulletin board. In the event that we have a snow day, NSB will follow Reading Public Schools. Dancers can enjoy the day off drinking hot chocolate or outside building a snowman! Students may makeup their class during the term. Please email us to schedule your makeup class. The cancellation message will be posted to NSB’s social media pages Facebook and Instagram. If there is a Stay-at-Home order due to COVID-19, NSB classes will automatically be scheduled on Zoom and login info will be sent.

*Permission slip must be on file for students to leave the building during school hours.


NSB’s Studios are conveniently located in historic downtown Reading, MA. At 32 Lowell Street, RT 129. Students will take classes in beautifully renovated air-conditioned studios that feature sprung floors and high ceilings. The Church, built in 1913, is a registered historical building with Neo-Gothic architecture, including European inspired carved word work, beautiful stained glass windows, and a traditional arched cathedral sanctuary.’’ 

Drop-off and pick-up procedures: 

Because of limited parking, NSB strongly urges parents to drop off and pick up their children. Students should be dropped off on the left side of Sanborn Street and walk to the side entrance of the building next to the driveway. Do not drop your child off on Lowell Street and have them cross. After class, students will wait in the lobby area for their parent or guardian to pick them up on the left side of Sanborn Street so there is no need to cross. Students will not be permitted to wait outside of the studio or cross Lowell Street. We strongly urge parents/guardians to be punctual when picking up their child(ren). There is NO parking on the right side of Sanborn Street or in the circular driveway; spaces are reserved for faculty members only. You may park in the town’s municipal parking lot adjacent to the building later in the day when Town Hall is not in use and on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

Parent Conferences: 

If a parent or guardian needs to speak to a director, faculty member, or administrator, please call or email the school to set up an appointment. Parents and guardians are not permitted to wait in the lobby, dressing rooms, or classroom during the school day unless it is parent observation week. Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled during the winter/spring term.


Reading, MA is located 12 miles North of Boston easy access by automobile from 93 and 128. Reading is served by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA or the “T”). Commuter trains provide the Town with rapid transportation to and from Boston. The train depot is located on High Street opposite Haven Street, walking distance from NSB Studios. The MBTA also provides bus service to Malden where commuters can connect with the Orange Line directly to Boston. Use the on-line MBTA schedules and maps.

Travel: When The Conservatory at NSB is on tour both at home and abroad, students that do not participate in the Cultural Exchange Program are able to make up their dance classes after 3:00 pm during the days the group is away or before the term ends. There will be no academic study periods in the morning with NSB’s mentor. Students are encouraged to keep up with their academic studies independently.

Please read, NSB is taking the necessary steps to provide a safe environment for all at our studios. 


  1. The facility is professionally cleaned.

  2. Studio barres will be cleaned in between each class.                                                                                                                    

  3. HEPA Filters are thought the facility.


If you are a student please understand that ….


  1. We ask you, if you have any symptoms of ANY KIND of illness, please remain home.You may Makeup your classes on Saturdays.                                                                                                                                                                          

  2. The sanitizer will be handed to you before entering the studio and at the end of your lessons.

  3. You should not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before class. You are not permitted in the studio before then. You will need to be picked up punctually after your class. Our lobby cannot accommodate too many students waiting for their ride.

  4. We ask parents to drop off their children to avoid much traffic in the studio. Parents will NOT be allowed in the building unless prior notice is made with the office.

  5. Please come dressed to dance and only change shoes, to avoid using bathrooms and dressing rooms as much as possible.  We will use bathrooms and dressing rooms for personal hygiene and not for changing.

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