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Summer Policy & Procedures

Placement: Students will be placed in classes that are appropriate for their level of physical and mental development. If at any time the director feels that the placement is incorrect, the student will be changed to the appropriate level. 


Attendance: Students are required to take ALL classes offered at their level so that they may continue to advance technically. If they cannot participate due to illness or injury, we advise them to watch if possible. Students should try their best to be on time for class. Classes are not transferable and there are no refunds for classes missed for any reason. In the case of absence, please contact us at or call 781-944-9100 and leave a reason for absence before class time.


Notices & Cancellations: Important school notices will be sent electronically through email. Hard copies may be distributed. Notices and schedules, including changes, will also be posted on the NSB school bulletin board.  


Drop off and pick up procedures: Because of limited parking and COVID19, NSB strongly urges parents to drop off and pick up their children. Only registered students will be allowed in the building during school hours. Students should be dropped off on Sanborn Street and walk to the side entrance of the building next to the driveway. Do not drop your child off on Lowell Street and have them cross. After class, students will wait in the lobby area (observing social distancing protocols) for their parent or guardian to pick them up on Sanborn Street. Students will not be permitted to wait outside of the studio or cross Lowell Street. We strongly urge parents/guardians to be punctual when dropping off and picking up their child(ren). If your child class is scheduled at the ANNEX, you will enter at the Creative Arts entrance on Sanborn Street. The studio space in the ANNEX is in the First Congregational Church adjacent to NSB Studios.There is NO parking on the right side of Sanborn Street or in the circular driveway; those spaces are reserved. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday please park in the municipal lot next to the building between NSB and town hall.


Parent Observation: Parents are invited to attend the final ballet class of the Young Dancer's Program on July 26th. On the final day of the Summer Intensive, July 26th, there will be a demonstration showcasing repertoire that the dancers will learn during the intensive. 

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