COVID-19 Policy

NSB, Inc. Notification to Parents and Students

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a highly contagious illness according to the CDC and many other public health authorities. It has been recommended by the CDC and public health authorities that physical distancing remains the most effective method of protecting against contracting and/or spreading this disease. 

NSB, Inc. (“Northeast School of Ballet”) has implemented reasonable preventive measures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus/COVID-19. These measures are consistent with all recommendations by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC. 

Despite the implementation of these reasonable, preventative measures, NSB, Inc. cannot guarantee and makes no representations, that students will not become infected with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 while participating in any of the programs offered by NSB, Inc. and its staff. 

It is required that all students, parents, guardians, and any other person entering the business premises where NSB, Inc. intends to conduct its programs comply with all procedures created by NSB, Inc. to reduce the spread of this virus while engaging in all programs at NSB, Inc. This includes allowing members of the staff to take the temperature of each student upon entering the facility and before participating in any program.

The staff of NSB, Inc expects that each student/parent/guardian, while on its premises, take all reasonable precautions, including physical distancing and the use of some form of facial covering to limit exposure for himself/herself and to others.

NSB, Inc. must require that any student/parent/guard that has been diagnosed with Coronavirus/COVID-19 or is experiencing any symptoms associated with Coronavirus/COVID-19 refrain from entering the NSB facility.

Please read, NSB is taking the necessary steps to provide a safe environment for all at our studios. 


  1. The facility was professionally cleaned.

  2. Studio barres will be cleaned in between each class. 

  3. All Faculty members and students will wear masks. No one will be allowed in the building without a mask.

  4.  Students in each room will be limited.


If you are a student please understand that ….


  1. We ask you, if you have any symptoms of ANY KIND of illness, please remain home.

  2. Your temperature will be taken at the door before you enter the building. If your temperature is over 100.40 we will ask that you do not enter the building.

  3. The sanitizer will be handed to you before entering the studio and at the end of your lessons.

  4. Every student should wear a mask when entering the studio and it should remain on.

  5. You should not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before class. You will need to be picked up punctually after your class. Our lobby cannot accommodate too many students waiting for their ride.

  6. We ask parents to drop off their children to avoid much traffic in the studio. Parents will NOT be allowed in the building unless prior notice is made with the office.

  7. Please come dressed to dance and only change shoes, to avoid using bathrooms and dressing rooms as much as possible.  We will use bathrooms and dressing rooms for personal hygiene and not for changing.

  8. Each student should have a bottle of water. There is no sharing of water or food. Students will eat lunch outside when weather permits and use physical distancing when inside the facility.