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Trainee Program

Intermediate and Advanced Students

NSB's Trainee Program is for students Level V-VII that study all classes offered including classical ballet and other dance disciplines with a greater focus and intensity. Dancers must execute an intermediate technique with developing musicality and artistry. Students will be coached to transition to either The Conservatory at NSB or progress through Levels V, VI and VII to prepare them for pre-professional, professional or collegiate programs. Great emphasis is placed on studying classical and contemporary works.


Performance opportunities include NSB’s Annual Ballet Lecture-Demonstration during the winter/spring semester and students are highly encouraged to audition for NYB’s The Nutcracker. Acceptance and casting for the production are at the sole discretion of the Artistic Staff of Northeast Youth Ballet. Occasionally students in the Trainee Program are asked to understudy or participate in performances with Northeast Youth Ballet and or The Conservatory at NSB. Students are required to attend all ballet, modern, jazz, tap, ballroom, contemporary, yoga, and cross-training classes offered to their level during the week for versatility in their training. 

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