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Parent Resources

Supporting Artists & Their Families

NSB Connections is a program designed to connect parents and guardians with experts in the field of dance. Our hope is to begin conversations that will help us better understand the art form and our children's involvement in it. We also want to build connections and support among our parents who have made such a wonderful commitment to their children's dance education. We have planned lectures throughout the school year during pivotal times and will welcome Q & A participation during the meetings. Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

Let’s connect, have fun, and support the next generation of artists! 

Sample: Seminars 

  • October: Sports Psychologist, Miriam Rowan on The Importance of Mental Health

  • January: Q&A with Directors, Denise Cecere and Joseph Jefferies: Open discussion about Summer Intensive Programs. 

  • April: Physical Therapist, Marybeth Crupi on Injury Prevention

  • May: Nutritionist, Christine Clark on Fueling Your Bodies 

 2022/2023 Schedule TBA!

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